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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  January 25, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EST

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to take the plunge.the frigid fundraiser that raises money &pnews. 3 &p3 33 nother blast of winter... is coming our ay. what time the snow will start to fall.. and wwo's going to get it the hardest. "there s always going to be annaveesson to change liies.buttwwy all women woo't 3 priddy, january 25th. 3&p
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3 charged in thh murder of an east baltimoreeman who died inn their custody.theedeciiion wass just reeeaseddfrom baltimore's here with more on the decisioo and why some people aren't phppy with ii. good mmrning guyssbernssien says he hopes the rrsulls of senns of closure to anthony anderson's family.but... family members tell us... they're not pleased. &pis not beinggserved.. itts no" fair."46-year-old anderson was
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thown to the ground during aa last yearr.. and died from blunt force trauma.from thee bbginning there wass cootroversy... anderson's police brutality.while....thee city prrsecutor says his investigation has ddtermined that one of the officee's &pdied duuing the course of a legitimate arrest... and thh uue of force was not excessive. bbcause of that... baltimore's state's attorney office will nnttpursue criminal charges officers involved. (bernstein) "i am ccomiited o prrsscuting any officer who violates the law and dishonor the badge. in this ccss however, the evidence does not establish ann violltionnof the criminal laws in our judgmeet bassd on our investigation." investigation."while the state's attorney'ss investiiation maa be complete... it's not over yet. the new investigation now &punderwaa and by who... coming up in 300min.i'm megaa
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gillillnd, fox45 morning neww. 3theedefense is expected to begin pressnting itsscase... in the misconduct trial of john leopold. oouty executive the state rested yesterday. pesttmony revolved arouud a on leopold's security detail - receivvd.a former employee stated that he drrve leopold around on the weekends... earning ovvrtimeein the procees.he testified ttat he eventually asked to be reassigned. 3 3 it's a disgrace i just ccnn say enough bbut it it's just sicceeing to see olice ooficers oo this ounty have to endure such treatment 3 pt's absolutely unacceptable thattand for our county to do - taxpayer ddllars to be sed for that reason . .several people ere not called to testifyy.. inccuding formerrannn arundel ccunty &ppolice chieffjames teare.
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scheduled to begin this of phylicia barnes.michael johnsoo is accused of illiig the 16 year old when she as visiting family ii baltimore. thursday... a judge ruled that a eperaae investigation of the case an be broughttup ii - during the triil.daniel nicholson has been accused of breaking inno a harford county home wearing a black hoodie whileehhessarched for ii daughtee.. thh ncident occured two days before police charred joonson with barnes' murrer. police make two arrestssin... a... fatal william chaas... and... charles spriggs...are charged with... first degree murder. pooice say they shht and killld 30 year old howard rrlationshipp.. he had... with 3 a woman. weehave new information about &pa shooting in ssutheastt baltimooe. police have &ppdentified the maa killed tuesday night.32- year- old being shot in the head.police milton avenue... when thhy were approached by a
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buu urvived.police still thee haae... no information on a suspect. harford county firefighters battle a fireeon a boat in jopp. joppatowneefirefighters ssnt shore driveeit hhpppned just before 2 o'clock wednesdaa say the fire was starteddby thh house. firefighters back inside for his caa. massachusetts got more than - ttee bargained for when frigid weather. hyddaats frozed....and thhe water on the ground turned to ice....makiin urffces very slippery. evee their fireejjckets were covered with ice. several irefighters sufferedd minor injures. hill. he's the erry had -3 president's pick foo the next secretary of state. current secretary f statt clinton was on the hill for a wednesday's hharings on the
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attack onnour libyan embassy. bbehnd kerry. 3 "i'm already excited in many ways that we can work together, nd in hich we must work together, in order to advance america's securrty ever more dangeroussworld.""nd 33 kerry is expected to be confirmed easill. wwitney houston fans &pwill ggt a look intt the life. whiiney's mother "cissy houston" is documenning hee daughters fight with drug addiction in her new memoir called "rrmembering whitnne". in the book cissy questions whether she could have saved her child's life. p she's expecced to sit down with oprah winffey next peek....for her ffrst in-depth interview since whiiney'' there are warmer ways to raise 1 poonn 5 milllon dollars, but it's hard to find a morr entertaaning oe. one. the 17th annual polar bear plunge is this
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weekend, with some of the p and joel d. smith is streaming now at saady good morning joel d.himself. d.
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3 3 coming uppon the eaaly tickets we'lll t3
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teel you hat police are tryiig toodo t fix all of those problems. problems. 3 ((breaa 1)) 3
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((bump in)) &p (((d libbmeteerologist)) 3 3
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((traffic reporter ad libs)) map greenspring map liberty
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map 40 map 3- 3 3
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3still to come... a fuzzy outlook for speed cameras ccmeras wrong tickets... aad causing major probbems for balttmore police. we'll tell yyo how they will try to fix the problem. ((breakk2)) 3
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a ask force meets because are still hhving's pn update to a story we brouggt youufirst on janice park reports... there was a lot of talk about moving to an error free future...with tte elp of all brand new state of the art cameras. camerrs. baltimore city speed nd red liiht cameras...were generattng thhusands of tickets a dayy..but for weekss..those tickets have been virutally non-existent... &pexissent...the cityy is working with a nnwwvvndor and ssitchhng the old, with new state of the art ameras... but the old cameeas have already geeerated hundreds of ppooises to refund every false ticket legitament tickets"the new ple - system may not be fully up andd &prunning until march and the &ppeantime pollceessyssthee wil be douuliig their staff.its an effort to catth any misttkes
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by he vendor,,so a wrong tiiket doesn't get to yoo. you.high prrority, catch any mistakes mmde by vendor and not validate ticket before it public" "elated by the police department is interested in dding all they can"another major hange? officials are looking into penalizzng the new vendor...for each wrong ticket issued.that'ssto add make sure everr the ight onn. ssraight ahead... some might call it a sweet alliance. 3 find ouu who's teaming up withh &pthe beverage ompanies to dea with a ssda ban.. ((breaa )) 3
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beverage companies in new yyrk have gained a new ally in their fight against the city's soda ban. mary snowwtells s why the group ssas its suppoot is not about race....but economics.
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the fight to an large soda and sugary drinkk in new york city is getttng some high- profile, but unlikely support. one of the nation'ssoldest civil rights groups is taking beverage companies. tte new york chhpter f the n double a-c-p issbacking a lawsuii &pfiled to try and stoo the &pcity. hazel duues is the ny chhptee presidenn. hazel: it's not about race.mary:it's about? hazel:economics.mary: aad how? hazel:""ispariiy. and hoo thee small business is being punished while weeallow the &pbig corporrte people, again, along with thh hispanic federation, aague that small and minoriiy owned businesses impact.then there's the nate - obesity epiddmic.non hispanic &pblacks...accorring to the cdc...hhve the highest rates of obesity at 44 percent...followed by mexiian
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amerrcans at 39 ercent.the n double a cp filed a legal brief in support of beveraae compannes,,saying,,to tackle the publicchealth crisis of holisttc educational program called prrject ell. the project...according to the n douule a cp's thh coca cola oundaaion....tte philanthropic arm oo the company. dukes says the new york chapter received 75- thousand-dollars in the past two yyars. marr: do you hinkk there's a conflict?haael: absoluteey not.marr: you don't see a conflict?hazel: absolutely not.if this was the first time that coca colaahad given us money, ure it would thh first time. coca cola has been upporting n double a cp pationally and locally through &pthe years...not only here in new york state, but through the country. the hispanic received 75 ttoosand dollars from coke for this year. thee organization's president also leet last year to work or coca cooaa a spokesman for hf
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ssys those factors had no impact oo its deccsion to file city..when asked to comment on &pthh beverage industry'' lates allies....t said in a statement.the obesity crisis disproportionately affecting minorities, calls foo bold action and weeareecoofident pupport wiillgrow as more peopleelearn about the nique impact sugary drinks have on this epidemicc" -----enn----- cominggup... feds gg--3 launch a massive sweep.... targeting sex offenders offennersthe ice operation that also targgted iileggl alie. aliens.thh olice officers east baltimore man... will not doinn.riminal charges.why...
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a new winter much snow we'll get this timm. on


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